SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Soft Durometer and GF Nylon Parts

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Is a laser based technology which fuses thermoplastic power through a sintering process. By using a variety materials APS is able to provide soft durometer prototype gaskets and tubing as well as tough, carbon fiber and glass filled nylon components for extreme stiffness.  

APS specializes in utilizing SLS machines to create prototypes simulating hoses, gaskets, and other 3d printed soft durometer parts using 3D Systems Duraform® Flex material. Parts made from this material can be infiltrated with a sealant to make them water tight and dyed a variety of colors.

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Typical Applications

Prototype Hoses, Gaskets, Flexible Ducting, Bumpers.


  • 3D Systems® Duraform Flex
  • ALM PA 802-CF (carbon fiber filled nylon)
  • ALM PA 614-GS (40% Glass filled nylon 12
  • ALM PA 650 (Nylon 12)
  • ALM PA D80-ST (Nylon 11)

 Technical datasheets available on our Materials page.

SLS parts are commonly left unfinished (parts have a gritty feel to the touch), All SLS can be dyed, rigid parts can be sanded and painted. Painting results are typicaly not as good as SLA but this does provide an option where high stiffness and specific color matching is required

Typical lead times for SLS parts range average 3-4 days. Submit your project files HERE to receive a quote with accurate lead time for your specific project.