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Stereolithography (SLA or SL) Is a method of additive manufacturing that utilizes a high precision, computer controlled laser to cure a liquid photo-polymer resin, one layer at a time.  Each consecutive layer is bonded to the one before, resulting the intended geometry.  

SLA is know for it's high accuracy on both large and small parts, and its smooth surface finish which makes it suitable for a wide variety of secondary finishing operations including; Sanding, Priming, Painting, Plating, and clear coating to produce clear "lens like" parts.  SLA parts are ideal as patterns for urethane and metal casting patterns due to the low cost for large parts. Parts larger than our 25"x 29" x 21" build size can easily be seamed together through secondary operations.

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Typical Applications

Concept Models, Fit Testing, Casting Patterns, Clear "Lens like" parts and see through housings, Presentation Models, Photo shoot stand-ins

  • Somos® Watershed
  • 3D Systems® Accura 60
  • Somos® NeXt
  • Somos® Taurus

 Technical datasheets available on our Materials page.

  • Strip-N-Ship
  • Standard (default for SLA projects)
  • Primed/Painted
  • Clear "see through"
  • Vacuum metalized
Lead time can range from a single day to 2 weeks depending on part size and finishing requirements. On average most parts are delivered within 3-4 days. Let us know your requested in house date and we will do everything possible to make it happen. Submit your project files HERE to receive a quote with accurate lead time for your specific project.



IPro 8000

3D Systems Ipro 8000

APS maintains a fleet of 3D Systems SLA machines including our new IPro 8000 featuring one of the largest build envelops available.

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