Vacuum Metalizing

Strip & Ship

Support structures removed, support areas lightly sanded and build lines will be visible.


Standard Clean Up

Standard clean up finish is a great option for general prototypes and functional fitment testing.  All build lines on show surfaces sanded and bead blasted for a uniform surface finish. 


Our primed finish is achieved by sanding all show surfaces to 320 grit, bead blasted, and primed with a 2 part automotive grade primer.  The result is a super smooth surface finish that is ready for paint, vacuum metalizing or for pattern making.


Painting requires sanding the part to 320 grit, bead blasting and priming.  APS can color match paints to achieve the color your looking for along with making the paint matte, gloss and semi gloss. 

Soft Touch Paint

Soft touch paint can be applied over the top of paint and metalizing for a soft rubberlike feeling.  A great finish for consumer electronics and automotive parts.  It can also be used as a protective scratch resistant coating.  


Clear requires sanding all surfaces to 320-600 grit and applying an automotive grade clear coat.  Applications include fluid flow analysis, optically clear lenses, analyzing interference and automotive parts.  Clear coat can be tinted a variety of colors and any transparency level.

Vacuum Deposition

Metalize your prototypes to simulate a chrome finish.  While being the most environmentally friendly process, vacuum deposition is a great process for applications such as automotive parts, reflectors, consumer electronics and much more.  Top coats can be tinted a variety of colors to meet your aesthetic needs. 

Custom Finishing

Textures, dyes, metallic paints, frosted finishes, graphics, masking and antique finishing.  Have something in mind? Let us know and we will figure it out.